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Serving All Of Metro Denver


Welcome to the home of Professional Advantage Radon Mitigation & Measurement Provider. We serve the entire metro Denver area and have helped thousands of home owners and commercial building owners navigate the dangers of radon gas.


We have created a website that is informative for all and we hope that you find the answers you are looking for when it comes radon gas here in Colorado. You will learn about radon gas and you will also find information about how to best deal with the problem posed by radon.


We have information about completed residential and commercial projects on the site as well as answers to the frequently asked questions I receive in my day to day efforts dealing with radon gas problems in the home and business.


We invite you to contact us for information so we can help you properly evaluate your situation and design a plan to help you resolve and reduce radon levels within your home or place of business.


We also help home and building owners deal with the problem of moisture removal from basements, crawl spaces, structural elements as moisture control is just one of our specialties. Call us today at 303-503-8764 to schedule your inspection..